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Who Peed In My Cherrios?


I have a strange feeling that menstruation is returning to my life after being notably absent since last July (somewhere Kotex is rejoycing), which is making me feel quite hormonal. I’m terribly crabby and feeling extremely put upon, so in that vein I will make a list of my current pet peeves, which is of course due to my now extremely hormonal state, ever changing.

*People who when faced with a long line to check out, get all up in my personal space as though the space in I occupy is somehow holding up the whole line. I admitidly have a fairly wide personal space bubble and not prone to want to snuggle up to complete strangers, but come on. The two feet that I occupy is not what is holding up the line. Just relax and try to enjoy the time that you actually able to zone out. I do.

*Getting my ickle Alexander vaccinated just plain sucks. There is something so hard about inflicting (albeit necessary) pain on someone so small and innocent, especially since you cannot assuage your guilt by promising an ice cream or a trip to McDonalds afterwards. Plus, the day afterwards is ruined by an incredibly bad mood (on his part, I just feel drained).

*I have been so, so tired all last week, so much so that I have not gotten much done around the house at all. Since my own sense of personal satisfaction is strongly linked to the amount of things I can accomplish, this makes me feel worse. I have been so tired that I actually took a pregnancy test, which for some reason I totally hate to do. But it served to remind me that I need to take one at least once a month while I am amennorheic to ensure that I am not actually pregnant. Because, God forbid, I have a miscarriage that I mistake for a period, I run a high risk of developing Hydrops fetalis with subsequent pregnancies.

*I flipping hate Dustin Diamond. Sure, I watched Saved By The Bell back in the day and I thought that he was a bit of an idiot back then in an annoying little brother sort of way but now I find him completely repulsive. And no, I have NOT seen the porno that he was in because I absolutely know that I would never, ever be able to have sexual intercourse again. If he were to fall off the planet, I would be totally happy. Ew.

Can you tell I’m feeling hormonal today? Help me out here, what is pissing YOU off today?

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“Who Peed In My Cherrios?”

  1. On October 1st, 2007 at 4:56 pm Kristin Says:

    What brought on the extreme hatred for Dustin Diamond? Seems out of left field.

    Personally, I hate you. But you already knew that.

  2. On October 1st, 2007 at 5:33 pm Cara Says:

    My DSL at home is down, which isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s a huge hassle trying to coordinate schedules with my landlord and AT&T.

    Also, I was unable to check the weather and my fantasy football score.

  3. On October 1st, 2007 at 10:09 pm becky Says:

    I was remembering Celebrity Fit Club and what a penis wrinkle he was there. Plus, he’s all fat and gross and stuff AND he launched a thing to make money so that he didn’t lose his house. In Wisconsin. Which, come on.

    Cara, that sucks.

  4. On October 2nd, 2007 at 8:18 pm Meg Says:

    I am going to have to admit to having to google Dustin Diamond. But yes, I do remember him, and he was incredibly annoying, but they all were really. It was such a bad show. At the time I thought guy who played the character Zach was sooooooo totally hot. Bleuch.

    Once advantage of needing the domperidone for my milk is that the increased prolactin is staving away my period – Rah!!

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