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White Flag!


Unlike the previous owner of our old condo, I had no real beefs with the previous owners of our house. Sure, I hate all of their paint choices, and maybe the fake flowers planted (and thoughtfully left) in the backyard were pretty rank, but overall I couldn’t complain. There were no size 20 skirts in the closet and no spoiling milk in the fridge.

Until I started work on this bathroom. In a word, it’s been a nightmare, the likes of which only someone else who has removed wallpaper can appreciate. Let me give you a mini-primer on wallpaper removal should you ever be cursed with such a chore:

Wallpaper is made of 2 pieces of paper: the vinyl outer layer (in this case, 3 separate flower patterns) and the inner layer which is designed to glue to the wall. Removing the outer layer isn’t hard, but the glue bonds itself to everything in it’s path. Including drywall and the old paint from the walls.

After you scrape the bejesus out of the glue/paper and it comes off, you’re left with patches that weren’t able to be removed (so you have to sand it) AND in this case, bits of chipped wall paint. So now you have 2 choices (somewhat like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, only less awesomely awesome): you can sand off ALL OF THE PAINT from the walls OR you can spackle the living shit out of the patches (because if you don’t, the painted wall will resemble the pockmarked face of a teenager with bad acne).

I chose to spackle, which is somewhat more satisfying but will THEN have to be sanded smooth. Then primed and painted (assuming I haven’t committed myself first)

Here’s hoping that it works, otherwise you may see the only recorded death due to spackling (considering the recent back injury, the tally is now Spackle: 1, Becky: 0).

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“White Flag!”

  1. On September 4th, 2007 at 3:09 pm Ashley Says:

    how is my favorite baby boy? let me know if you need someone to come over and cuddle alex while you spackle. (i won’t help with the house stuff, but i’ll cuddle the baby…whatta friend) 🙂

  2. On September 5th, 2007 at 10:51 am Kristin Says:

    I have to talk to my realtor about sending me some of the pics we took with her camera – but when I get them…you are getting the “Why NOT to rent to people…EVER” blog accompanied by a “How do people live like this?” follow-up blog. Seriously disgusting. I will call you and tell you all about it soon.

  3. On September 5th, 2007 at 12:51 pm becky Says:

    I want to hear it, dude. If you want, you can even do a guest post here or on MP if you’d like.

    Can’t wait for stories.

    And Ashwee, thanks for the help on Sunday with el Baby. The walls look great.

  4. On June 21st, 2011 at 6:47 pm The Girl With The Purple Room Says:

    For some reason, my mom thought it’s be a brilliant idea to paint my room purple for my 13th birthday (I don’t even LIKE purple). So, unbeknownst to me, she coated my room while i was at a friend’s house. Think Harold’s purple crayon color.Three years later, I’m repainting it.

    Today, I want Eye of the Motherfucking Tiger on all the holes in my wall. You are right- Spackleing is a total bitch.

    BTW, even though you’re a mommy blogger, I still have been an avid lurker 🙂

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