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Lack of sleep has left my poor brain a lone stem complete with misfiring neurons, so I bring you a post in snippets, because, well, I’m too damn tired to put any more thought into anything that doesn’t need it (I looked for a meme to do, but I couldn’t find any. Well, by “looking” I mean, I “thought about looking”). I’m starting to think that Alex is trying to break me. Right now I’m about ready to confess to anything. Why YES I DID kill JFK! AND Jon Benet Ramsey! NOW can I sleep? PLEASE?

*My phlox looks terrible. In fact, the winter killed off 95% of my bulbs (well, at least the ones that I liked). I had all of these grand visions of doing some fall planting, but it’s looking damn near impossible right now. I’m so out of it that I might accidentally plant the baby in the ground by accident. What do YOU do to get your yard ready for winter?

*Alex is terrified of the nicest piece of furniture that we own: his crib. This means that he’s still sleeping in one of three places, depending on my mood, his bassinet, his swing or one of his bouncy seats. I am unhappy about this, as I am a bit tired of sleeping in the same room with my ickle one. Any suggestions (assuming crying it out, like I’d like to do, wouldn’t work)?

*I need to buy some simple (but nice) frames for pictures. I’d been needlessly waiting to hang pictures, as I’d imagined that we’d be painting all of the hideousness off of the walls first, but alas, with Alex being, well, Alex, painting isn’t going to happen this year. So where do people buy nice frames (that don’t cost a fortune, but aren’t made of plastic)? And is it a bad thing if I have a ton of extra pictures to frame of Alexander in 8×10 but not so many of Ben in that size?

*With Christmas looming around the corner, we have decided to do something a bit differently this year. Rather than spend a bunch of money on toys that neither of the children need, we’re going to pool our money together and get them a wooden swingset. And then pay someone to install it. I don’t know if this qualifies for most boring parents of the year or most awesomist parents of the year. I remember there being an age where quality was better than quantity, but I cannot remember when this was.

I make myself hurt, I am so damn boring today (see, yeah, TODAY. Normally I am HILARIOUS! Let me be delusional). Anything else you want me to pointlessly pontificate upon?

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“We Never Said Goodbye With Words”

  1. On October 29th, 2007 at 12:00 pm Gail Says:

    Becks, start with the bouncy seat IN the crib. Gabriel spent many many nights in his car seat in his crib before I could wean him out of it.

    I recommend Michaels for pre-fab frames that are reasonably price and still nice. If you don’t want them all to match, Target has some really cute ones, too.

  2. On October 29th, 2007 at 1:21 pm becky Says:

    I think I will do the bouncy seat in the crib idea, Gail. It’s part of my master plan to take back my bedroom.

    I’ll try Michael’s, too. I love them ESPECIALLY because Martha Stewart has a line there. It’s perfection.

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