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The Wet Spot


Every couple who has sex without using condoms is familiar with a nasty phenomenon that occurs post-boning. It’s so commonplace that most people can make jokes about it without many quizzical looks or questions unless, of course, you shout it out in a kids museum, in which case it probably takes on a whole new perverted meaning. But THAT is neither here nor there.

That’s right, The Internet, I’m talking about The Dreaded Wet Spot.

This occurs so frequently to me that I have tried to position myself while having sex on The Daver’s side of the bed. This way, when I make my frantic run of shame to the bathroom immediately post-ejaculation, the residual is left for my loving fiance to sleep atop of.

Because I am a very, very nice person.

I’m not really sure what it is that makes the Wet Spot so damn gross to sleep on. I mean, semen itself isn’t exactly awesome, but it’s also not that sick either. It reminds me a lot of pennies and dishwasher detergent, neither of which are all that grody, and plus, if I’m covered in The Spooge, it means I just got laid, which is always full of The Awesome.

But there is something so fundamentally disgusting about the wet spot that kind of astounds me, who is grossed out by so very little. I’m training to be a nurse, for God’s sake, and it’s not poo or anything. I guess it’s cold, and slimy, and sticky and if you fall asleep on it, you’re kinda stuck to that particular stretch of sheet/mattress, trapped on the sheets until your bedmate chooses to pull you off of it.

IF your bed mate is kind enough to pull you off of that, I suppose I should say.

Well, the moral of the story is that last night, I lost the battle with the Wet Spot to totally destroy all Wet Spots. It was truly a sight to behold. And un-luckily, and the reason I’m writing this post, is because it was centered directly on my side of the bed. My back has the strangest crick in it because I spent most of the night arranging myself into positions that didn’t allow too much of my skin contact with the disgusting puddle I nicknamed Lake Spoogekins.

Normally, when I nickname things, even gross things, like Stinky The Skunk, it’s because I love it so very much and I want to keep it forever and ever in a jar under my bed because I am so full of The Love for it.

Not this time, tho. I would punch that Wet Spot in the fucking face if I could.


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“The Wet Spot”

  1. On November 11th, 2008 at 10:07 pm tonya Says:

    have you tried putting down a towel either before or after. before, no wet spot. after, at least you don’t have to feel it. it works.

  2. On August 16th, 2009 at 12:49 am Sasha Macdonald Says:

    I suggest plastic sheets and a bottle of baby oil, you’ll never notice the wet spot again.

  3. On August 24th, 2009 at 9:23 am Emma Says:


  4. On March 9th, 2011 at 5:31 pm MarsupialMama Says:

    Ok, this was hysterical. And I liked the very first post: we were born in the same year and we have the same blog-reading habits… Uncanny, huh?

    Anyhoo, made Hubs read this and he snorted beer through his nose. Nice. It was full of The Awesome to watch.

    (PS. He also laughed cause I do the same thing and make him sleep in the wet spot. Except very rarely when I forget. Which is full of The Bullshit.)

  5. On August 1st, 2011 at 10:25 am Finally. A Happy Period. | | Mommy Wants VodkaMommy Wants Vodka Says:

    […] a couple of things out of the way to allow proper access to the Wet Spot (very unlike the OTHER Wet Spot). Including half of my clothes from Type-A Parent. I’m an excellent bedroom-cleaner, […]

  6. On August 1st, 2011 at 10:38 am Scrappy Moose Says:

    I’ve made a practice of doing “clean up on aisle one!” We make sure to have a towel or t-shirt right by us for when we’re finished, and just grab it and clean up when I pull out. It leaves no wet spot, and doesn’t require her to “make [a] frantic run of shame to the bathroom.”

  7. On October 17th, 2013 at 9:20 pm yah! Says:

    You bettah smell that butt!

  8. On August 27th, 2014 at 8:16 am Emily Says:

    I know exactly what you mean! My BF refuses to use a condom, and so he either pulls out and finishes all over my breasts or face, or climaxes inside me. Problem is, he ejaculates like a hose / horse. I am amazed at how much semen spurts out of his penis. So this means I am left lying in literally a puddle of slimy cum, while he just rolls over and goes to sleep. I am dripping for the next day no matter how much I squat over the toilet to let the stuff drain out. I guess its all part of the fun of being female. Ho hum.

  9. On December 15th, 2014 at 5:52 pm Bella Says:

    OMG!! LOL! This was hilarious!

    No Joke, this was the most honest account I’ve read online.
    I’ve been googling “How to avoid wet spot” and most articles have been so useless.
    I can’t do it on a designated part of the bed since we tend to move around.
    I can’t ask him to switch sides.
    I can’t do it just on a small square of towel
    I can’t NOT do it on the bed.
    I can’t change the sheets every damn time.

    Anyway, all these stories were useless so it’s a breath of fresh air to read this! To read about another woman who is just as disgusted by this as me! I’m not a prude but I’m not sleeping in cold jizz. Gross.

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